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The Posies feirar stort 30-årsjubileum.
Fleire album fra 90-talet blir utgitt på nytt i deluxeutgave: «Dear 23″, Frosting on the Beater» og «Amazing Disgraze».
Stadig fleire har oppdaga at bandet leverer kvalitetsrock på aller øverste hylle, tidlaus powerpop som står seg vel så godt som Nirvana og andre Seattleband som sette sitt preg på 90-åra.
The Posies anno 2018 består av Jon Auer, Ken Stringfellow, Mike Musburger og Dave Fox.
Den klassiske «Froster on the Beater»-utgava av bandet tilgodeser Norge med fem konsertar til hausten, inkludert Avant Garden i Trondheim lørdag 3. november.

It’s officially been 30 years since Jon Auer & Ken Stringfellow, high school mates
from Bellingham WA, USA, recorded and released «Failure», a home recorded,
self-released cassette that had the improbable fate of landing the band two
commercial radio hits and a record deal w the David Geffen Company, where
they became labelmates of Sonic Youth, Nirvana & Teenage Fanclub. Now with
a legacy of eight critically lauded albums (their latest, «Solid States» was released
in 2016), a loyal population of fans around the globe, and a body of work with
such classic alternative/indie anthems as «Dream All Day», «Solar Sister»,
«Coming Right Along» and many more, the band is still active and looking forward
to its fourth decade in music. The band’s ’90s catalogue is set to be re-released
in 2018 by Omnivore Records, and there are plans to start working on a new
album soon after. The band has survived the deaths of two longtime members in
the last 3 years: bassist Joe Skyward and drummer Darius Minwalla; despite
that, they managed to stage a brilliant comeback in 2016 with drummer Frankie
Siragusa and do several sold out tours doing pop up shows — self-produced
concerts in improvised venues and unlikely spaces; indie rock raves, if you will.
For their 30th Anniversary, Omnivore Records will re-release the band’s crucial
1990s catalog — «Dear 23», «Frosting on the Beater», and «Amazing Disgrace», as
double CDs replete with an astounding number of previously unreleased bonus
cuts, and also as double 45 RPM high fidelity LPs. The band is currently running
a Pledge Music campaign ( for
pre-ordering the three albums. Radiohead mentioned to Ken one night out in the
pub (in Hollywood, tho) that «Frosting on the Beater» was the most played album
in the van during the band’s first American tour; Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody &
Beach Slang’s James Alex, two name but two, have each put that album in their
personal top ten. «Frosting» encapsulates all the elements that make the band
timeless — the two-voices-as-one interplay of Auer and Stringfellow; thoughtful
and literate lyrics; broiling guitars married to shimmering melodies. If the band
was out of step with its more brutal Seattle compatriots 25 years ago, it has
served them well — the times, at last, have caught up to their vision.
To take this celebration around the globe, the Posies, who have had a few lineup
changes over the years (always based around the founding duo of Auer &
Stringfellow) will be on tour as the 1992-1994 lineup that made «Frosting on the
Beater» — Jon & Ken will be complemented by drummer Mike Musburger and
bassist Dave Fox. It’s been almost a quarter century since this quartet has been
on the road, and recent warm up shows have been as explosive as those played
by the twentysomethings of yore. Catch the band on tour this spring in North
America, and this fall in Europe — their time is now, again.

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