21. juni: Hannah Aldridge band- support Lachlan Bryan and the Wilde’s (US)

Hannah Aldridge tar med seg bandet sitt denne kvelden på Moskus, i tillegg har hun med seg en meget spennende support-artist.
Hannah Aldridge har tross sin unge alder allerede levd et helt liv, et liv fullt av ups and downs. Og det er dette låtene hennes handler om. Hun skriver ikke om blomster og sommerfugler, men om ting som gikk til helvete, om oppveksten i Muscle Shoals, og om ting vanlige folk kan kjenne seg igjen i.
Hannah bor for tiden i Nashville, men vokste opp i Muscle Shoals Alabama. Hun er datter av Alabama Music Hall Of Famer, Walt Aldridge. En kar som har jobbet som låtskriver, produsent og musiker i legendariske Fame Studios i Muscle Shoals.
Musikken hennes bærer preg av både et Nashville og Muscle Shoals sound. Det er mer rock enn americana, med klare referanser til sørstatsrocken. På debutalbumet hadde hun med seg folk som Dylan LeBlanc, og ikke minst på Jason Isbell coveren Try, hele bandet til Isbell, The 400 Unit.
With every song, Hannah Aldridge is facing down demons of a life once lived from substance abuse to failed relationships and scars from the lashes of the bible belt.
Raised in the extremely religious State of Alabama, Hannah has since young years felt an affinity to the darkness found in the Southern Gothic themes and has developed a fondness of writing songs with elements of horror brought on by dark thoughts of depression or hopelessness. Finding a calling in exploring these heavy-laden feelings and impulses that we all have, but are typically afraid to indulge in she explains, “The devil and darkness were always the boogeyman under the bed for me. It still is honestly. So that naturally weaves itself into a lot of songs. I find it extremely fun to sit and think of what type of song I would write for a particular scene in a movie or subjects that really scare me.” Mixing her personal life and the sounds of her hometown, Hannah takes influences from across the rock genre. Working with one foot in country music and the other in rock has given Aldridge a fresh kind of Southern Rock styled by Southern Gothic storytelling. The honesty she crafts into each track is offset by her stubborn, even defiant, nature, which gives her music a hopeful silver lining.
Hannah is not only a daughter of the American south but also of the Muscle Shoals legend Walt Aldridge. She launched her career with her 2014 debut ‘Razor Wire’ in which she worked with The 400 Unit (Jason Isbell ) and recorded one of his songs on the album alongside Brad Pemberton of The Cardinals (Ryan Adams). The debut-album drew attention of music critics and sent her touring across the world, the live scene really taking a hold of the singer early on seeing as over the last 7 years she’s played in over 10 different countries. Her second full- length album ‘Gold Rush’ features Sadler Vaden (Drivin n’ Cryin’ and Jason Isbell ) and was mixed and engineered by Allen Parker, Chief Engineer for Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys.
Presenting her new collaboration with the Swedish alternative indie label Icons Creating Evil Art, Hannah is now launching her first ever live-album ‘Live in Black and White’ recorded in London as a statement of her desire to get back to the roots of why she started down this path. While her studio records feature full bands and impressive collaborations this live album narrows in on the heart of the music – Hannah and her guitar, striping the songs down to the raw and intimate sound of when she first wrote them. She tells us, “I start writing with ‘this is how I’m feeling, and I need to talk about it.’ Doing that helps me sort out my own thoughts on it. My music is an introspective look at the things that happened in my life. It’s me trying to sort through and put feelings into words”.
Lachlan Bryan & the Wildes, åpner denne kvelden, et nytt bekjentskap som vi gleder oss til å høre, ikke minst etter å ha hørt denne vakre låten:

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